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Blackout Backpack Tech Wear Essential with Removable Hood

As part of the ongoing resistance, we strive to bring light to the shadows and power to the people, so we are offering up an essential, all black backpack utilitarian masterpiece.

Multifunctional, the Blackout Backpack hits you with the one, two, three combo of function, form, and fashion.
Featuring an adjustable cowl neck with a secret hide a way hood inside, this piece also ranks high on comfort with foam lined shoulder straps and a front chest strap for assistance with weight distribution when carrying heavy loads.
The bag, neck cowl and hood are all made with durable organic stretch cotton canvas.

Allowing you to carry many of your daily necessities with a spacious main pocket and two front pockets - including our iconic secret pocket - the main pocket has a suspended inside sleeve that can fit a small laptop.
Now for that secret pocket ?
It's also multi-functional : unzip those side zippers and you're ready to carry a rolled up yoga mat or perhaps a blanket for a cozy ninja picnic

The main pocket itself has a total dimension of 13.5x13x2.5 inches.
The outside top pocket has a dimension of 6x12x1.5 inches.
The outside bottom pocket has a dimension of 8x12x1.5 inches.
The secret back compartment has opening length of 7.5 inches.

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