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Starseed Leather Pants.

Starseed Leather Pants revolutionize your wardrobe with.
These pants seamlessly combine fashion and art, creating an irresistible statement piece.
The unique cut-out leather design, enhanced by shiny silver studs, adds an edgy yet sophisticated feel to the pants.

Starseed Leather Pants take you on a cosmic journey, transcending everyday fashion with a design reminiscent of celestial constellations.

The silver accents catch and reflect light, giving the pants a mesmerizing, starry night effect. Every step in these pants is a bold stride into the future of fashion.


As a rare and limited piece of our StarBorn collection, the Starseed Leather Pants reflect an innovative approach to traditional leather craftsmanship.

Designed with acute attention to detail, this design is a must-have for the fashion-forward individual.


  • High-quality leather construction guarantees durability and comfort.
  • The unique cut-out design adds an edgy, contemporary look.
  • Silver studs embellish the pants, adding a dazzling effect.
  • Limited in quantity, ensuring exclusive ownership.


  • Composition: Genuine Leather, Silver Studs.
  • Fit: Designed for a comfortable fit that does not compromise style.
  • Care: Dry clean only. Avoid direct sunlight when storing to maintain color and shape.
  • 50% Brass/Silver, 50% Sheepskin Leather

This exclusive piece embodies the daring spirit of the StarBorn collection, encapsulating both grace and power.
Dare to be bold, dare to wear the Starseed Leather Pants.

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