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$ 3,150

Editor’s Notes

Nasrani, a name originating from the 4th century, is mentioned in the Qu'ran as a term for a tribe of ancient 'Christians.' They were the 'Nazarene' in Aramaic traditions, or 'Notzrim' from ancient Rabbinic Hebrew cultures. The Nasrani people were a mysterious, ancient tribe of powerful nomadic healers that wandered from the Middle East to India.

The Nasrani Men's Coat features mesmerizing hand-sewn leather symbols, curving and entwining across the landscape of the piece with striking symmetry. A cross is featured on the back as a subtle but powerful symbol, paying homage to the Nasrani Tribe. This versatile, waxed wool coat features two zippers lining both sides; when unzipped, the wearer may drape the unzipped section of the coat across the body and hook it behind the shoulder, creating a unique scarf attachment. The Nasrani Men’s Coat is perfect for cold weather.


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