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$ 9,500

An emblem of high fashion meets futuristic flair, the Starseed Leather Vest serves as a distinct fashion statement. Its structure is defined by superior quality leather, meticulously hand-cut to exhibit an enticing display of patterns.

The silver studs further accentuate its bold personality, offering a subtle shimmer that contrasts beautifully against the dark leather.

With its intricate leatherwork, this vest embodies an aura of strength and defiance.

It allows the wearer to project an image of a fearless trailblazer, boldly carving their path.

The Starseed Leather Vest is more than an attire; it's an epitome of individual expression.


A rare, avant-garde addition to our StarBorn collection, the Starseed Leather Vest is a testament to exceptional leather craftsmanship and intricate detailing. This product, embodying a balance of power and style, is available in limited quantities.


  • High-quality cut-out leather for a striking aesthetic
  • Adorned with silver studs for an edgy, stylish look
  • Intricate leatherwork detailing for a unique, handcrafted touch
  • Limited availability for exclusivity


  • Composition: Genuine Leather, Silver studs
  • Fit: Designed to contour the upper body comfortably
  • Care: Spot clean with a damp cloth, store away from direct sunlight
  • 50% Brass/Silver, 50% Sheepskin Leather

This piece promises a snug fit while asserting a formidable style statement. It is a fusion of authenticity and innovation that reflects in its every detail.

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