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$ 439

Practical Purse with a futuristic techwear design, made for urban and outdoor settings. We came up with something for those who are more into setting trends than following them.

Inspired by the form and function of vintage military gear, we adopted aesthetic features and remixed them with modern tactical elements. Using a familiar purse shape, I introduced a tactically driven style and aesthetic.

Straps can be configured to transform the bag from a shoulder bag, a top handle bag, and a crossbody bag. Comfortable, durable, and versatile. From an overseas flight, to a date in the city, to an overnight dance party, the Tech21 bag is ready for all of the elements and any environment. This is the luxury designer purse you always wanted, with a twist, its handmade by independent designers. Level up any outfit with this multifunctional bag.

Measurements :

13.5 x 6.5" x 3"


Tactically engineered with a modular aesthetic

Multiple pockets for lots of storage room

Secure front pocket for essentials and a back zipper pocket allows easy Phone access

Comfortable, made with soft black leather and accented with unique shapes

Durable, made with with quality nylon webbing and mil spec black matte hardware

Versatile, configured to serve multiple functions in different climates and settings

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