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$ 269

Chain of Command Black Leather Mini Convertible Bag With Detachable Airpod Case

Serving bold features in a compact form, we took a 90s inspired silhouette and updated for today's tech essentials.

Sturdy hardware, including a versatile chain strap that gives both decor and utility, this mini yet mighty new drop
includes a comfortable wide band adjustable strap for wearing on your waist or shoulder, a detachable Airpod case and an
industrial metal clip that allows both style and utility.

When your fit needs an edgy accessory, the compact nature of the Chain of Command Bag makes this ideal for both day and night.

Features :
- a weighty front facing industrial metal carabiner clip
- a trio of safety pins
- an adjustable and detachable strap
- metal chain that doubles as a top handle
- detachable airpod case / coin purse
- rounded tip spiked bottom feet

9" x 6" x 3"

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