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$ 649

Our Tarnished Hazel Women's Jacket exhibits an earthy and cool street-wear aesthetic. The top right patch features an intriguing collage of heat-pressed Japanese pop images, layered upon a cinnamon brown patch. Three, faded mechanical skullz gaze out from the flap of the over-sized pocket beneath. A patch of snake skin runs along the upper-left breast. We heat-pressed a salmon-pink graphic of Japanese ramen noodles onto the second pocket, which contributes to the earthy palate of this jacket. Hand-drawn skulls on the back frame a fierce but sexy image of a scantily-clad anime chick sporting her weapon of choice. Don't mess with her. The raw colors of this jacket comes from our special process; stone-washing and hand-bleached methods create this one-of-a-kind vibe. This jacket is perfect for cooler autumn walks, or early spring mornings.

Bleach sprayed denim, printed, laser etched, and painted patches.

This jacket is size SMALL.

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