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$ 795

Practical Vest with multiple pockets, adjustable hood and detachable shoulder holster pockets. Made with a futuristic techwear aesthetic, and thoughtfully engineered for both urban and outdoor settings. Inspired by military tactical gear, modular pockets enable segmenting your assets in an organized way. We wanted to make an accessory that was functional, allowing us to carry our own phone, keys, lighter, sunglasses, and still have room to carry our partners stuff too.

Its surprisingly comfortable. Even with the pockets totally stuffed full and weighted down, you can still move like a ninja. For moments when you are rolling light, the holster pockets can be detached. Adjustable straps can also be configured to transform the angle of the holster pockets. Made with soft leather and soft silk satin lining, but engineered with thoughtful tactical construction. The result is a durable, versatile, and practical clothing accessory. From an overseas flight, to a forest hike, to a dance party on the playa, the tech hood is ready for all of the elements and any environment.


- Lots of storage room with 5 distinct segmented pockets and 1 slim zipper pocket

- Expandable main pocket with unique easy side zipper access

- Comfortable, made with durable soft black leather and lined with soft silk fabric

- Practical functionality, with detachable side holster pockets

- Tactically engineered for effortless carry(and high kick ninja moves)

- Durable, constructed with quality reverse zippers, technical hardware and industrial clip fasteners.

- Versatile, configured to serve multiple functions in different climates and settings.

Pocket Dimensions
Main pocket: 13cmx14cmx3cm
Top right pocket: 13cmx8cmx2cm
Bottom right pocket:14cmx9cmx2cm
Holster pockets: 9cx17cmx2cm (fits most phones)

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