Morton’s List 2019 DCG CUSTOM PENDANT

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The OFFICIAL 2019 DCG Pendant


Custom handmade DCG Pendants designed in 2002 for the creators of Morton's List but never made available to the public until the GOTJ 2018 when Jumpsteady's silver charm was sold to one lucky ninja. Demand for this piece reached an all-time high and only three 2019 re-issue of these very rare Morton's List X Alligator Jesus pendants with custom metal platings and stones are available and only here!

Each Pendant is unique with its corresponding metal color and precious stones set within the eyes. They are officially licensed and serial numbered - Never to be reproduced in this fashion again.

Sold individually:

GunMetal + Diamonds
Silver + Sapphires
Gold + Emeralds

Note: Gold + Emeralds owned by Violent J, worn for press interviews promoting Fearless Fred Fury in 2019. As seen on No Jumper, Vice, and more.