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Mens luxury black slim fit jeans that are unique AF, 1of1 limited edition. Made with quality comfortable stretch denim that has a unique softness and stretch.

We filled the jeans with silkscreen art and then littered the pants with our hand painted and silkscreen patches, and then painted more details. Layer upon layer of details. We were inspired to make pants that were functional and comfortable, that could be worn in a bunch of settings.

We wanted to make pants that crossed over all the streetwear, techwear, punk, metal, emo, goth, and hiphop styles. Durable and comfortable, these jeans will make a statement with any outfit.


-Unique stretch cotton blend fabric that is soft and comfortable and enables maximum maneuverability (not to mention ninja high kicks)
-Slim fit design
-Hand painted and silkscreen patches accents
-Quality matte black zipper, buttons, and hardware
-Zippers on the calves to make for tight around the ankles


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