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This metal mummy manifested itself. Several evenings of wine and despair, I found myself lost in thought, trying to comprehend the awful things happening in Iran.

I felt as though the fluidity of my strokes were channeled by the Pahlavi alphabet, the writing system of Persian people. The movements coming through me felt like a combination of graffiti, heavy metal, calligraphy and pin striping.

The word SINNER appears on the back of the mask, as we are all sinners by someones definition.

Created for our limited edition one of a kind masks - never to be created again.

Featuring Hand painted imagery by Dustin Blanche, one of the co-founders of Dust & Beau.

This Mask serves as an ode to anyone who has ever felt the frustration of the universe never dealing them a decent hand, no matter how hard they try try to keep walking that good walk.

Consider this a new way to wear your feelings, while also hiding from all the B.S.


Leather lacing and 2 zippers allow for adjustable sizing, unisex.

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