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What you are looking at is a Labor of love. Originally intended to be a met gala dress, it was created in the spirit of haute couture, but with a punk twist. Making the dress from start to finish spanned over 3 years time. Constructed with a soft black fabric, unique pleats form below the bust and wrap down the legs. Stitched on to the base are a myriad of details, from overlapping layers of hand screen printed patches, hand painted details, and silver and gold hand beaded details. Layered over the base are studs, hand stitched beads, casted bones and spikes, safety pins and rings. Layered over that are leather straps that are riddled with studs and embedded swarovski crystals. Layers upon layers upon layers.

Womens Size S

Bust : 32"
Waist : 29"
Length 51"

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