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ELEMENT SHIELD Defense Mask The Element Shield Defense Mask is specifically designed to protect you from both natural and unnatural elements, as well as protect your identity in these unbalanced times. This is a well choreographed play of asymmetry design with a true purpose : to defend oneself from a multitude of daily obstacles. The genius of this particular piece is while you get the allowances of a mask, you get the additional benefit of something so easily convertible, that it barely takes a moment to fold down the mask off of your face and into a next level elemental wardrobe necessity. No adjustments, no fuss. Just smart composition. Ideal for motorcycle riders out for an early morning adventure through winding roads, or even just a misty morning coffee run. Incredibly more sleek than a bulky scarf and courageously more convenient than an average face mask, the Element Shield Defense Mask is everything you've come to expect from the Jungle Tribe next level design team : Form. Function. Fashion. In the forefront : an 11 inch asymmetrical zipper line with all black pulls, and in the back, an adjustable buckle closure that will allow a fit of over-bust measurements between 30" - 35" . 

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