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Crafted with the meticulous precision of a blacksmith, the Full Moon Mantle pays homage to the radiant moon in all its glory. The beautiful blend of leather and silver creates a stunning contrast, making this necklace an absolute standout. Its round shape mimics the full moon, adding an ethereal touch to the overall design.

Designed as a neckpiece, it beautifully accentuates the neckline, making it a dramatic addition to any ensemble. It's unisex, allowing both men and women to display their bold style statement. This masterpiece is an ode to the night sky, its shimmering silver metalwork reflecting the moon’s mesmerizing aura.


As a part of our limited edition StarBorn collection, the Full Moon Mantle is a unique statement piece that embodies the celestial beauty of the moon and the strength of metal craftsmanship.


  • Masterfully crafted from high-quality leather and silver
  • Round shape necklace design inspired by the full moon
  • Exquisite metalwork adds a luxurious touch
  • The unisex design makes it a versatile accessory
  • A statement piece for those who dare to stand out


  • Composition: Genuine Leather, Silver Metal
  • 50% Sheepskin Leather, 50% Brass/Leather
  • Fit: Designed for a comfortable fit around the neck
  • Care: Spot clean with a damp cloth, and store away from direct sunlight.
  • Designed to sit comfortably against the skin.

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