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PREDATOR PREY Post Apocalyptic Leather Holster Shoulder and Hip Bag

Jungle Tribe Convertible Hip Bags are the highest tier of utility bags - check our reviews - the feedback and reviews say it all.
Great for motorcycle riders, hikers, make up artists, dancers, cosplayers, travelers, festivals and everyday next level streetwear.
Treat yourself to an original handmade Jungle Tribe bag - we stand by our gear and we treat our customers as family - as one of the tribe.
You deserve it.

Predator wasn't just a kick ass movie, but also an inspiration for a new bag.
Snake skin and an orthoceras fossil from millions of years ago undoubtedly go good together. Gun metal hardware and a base of cow leather give this bag a soft feel, but rugged strength. 3 zipper pockets give ample space to carry a bunch of stuff wherever your journey may take you. From the green jungle to the concrete jungle, this bag will have you back, literally.
A leg strap that doubles as a shoulder strap gives it several ways to be worn.

Our bag design took the world by storm over 10 years ago and still with copycats popping up daily, there is only one Jungle Tribe.
We use high quality materials and make everything in small batches, by hand. No factories here. We design , source the materials, sew the samples, write the listings and quality test everything ourselves.

The standard waist strap measures approx 36-38 inches at fullest extension which means the standard size can be worn up to a 44" circumference.
Included is one leg strap that fits up to a 22" circumference.

The main pocket is 8" tall x 7" across
Front pocket under flap is 5.5" tall x 4.5" across
Back pocket is 9" tall x 6" across and can open to 4" or so


1. Around your waist like a Fanny pack
2. Loosen the waist strap to style lower as a hip bag
3. Extend the waist strap full size to be worn like a shoulder purse.
4. You can also add the leg strap on while wearing as a hip bag for additional security ( great for riding motorcycles or horses )
5. Under arm side holster.
6. Crossbody
7. You can also utilize the leg strap while wearing as a crossbody for additional security.
8. Add an extra leg strap to wear as a backpack

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