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Practical bag with a futuristic techwear design, made for urban and outdoor settings. Inspired by a vintage Vietnam era field pack, I took the core aesthetic, and leveled up the functionality to meet todays demands. I wanted to make an accessory that was functional, allowing me to carry my own phone, wallet, keys, lighter, sunglasses, and still have room to carry all of my partners stuff too. Adopting tactical engineering, we created modular pockets that can be configured in multiple ways, so your assets can be segmented in an organized fashion. Straps can be configured to transform the bag to a crossbody bag, thigh holster, under arm holster, or top handle clutch. Comfortable, durable, and versatile. From an overseas flight, to a forest hike, to a dance party on the playa, the tech 2 bag is ready for all of the elements and any environment.


Lots of storage room with 7 distinct segmented pockets

Multiple attachment points, with a removable lighter holder and earbud pocket

Comfortable, made with lightweight breathable fabric and soft padded bottom layer

Durable, made with with quality nylon webbing, reverse zippers and industrial clip fasteners

Versatile, configured to serve multiple functions in different climates and settings.

Measurements :

Main compartment : 9"x3.75"x8.5"
Front pocket: 7" x 6"
Side Pockets: 7.5"x1"x 9.5"
Waist/shoulder strap length maximum is 44"
Leg strap length maximum 24"

AirPod Case
4" x 2.5" x 1"

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